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January 23, 2014

It is around 02:15 am IST, not getting sleep, Suddenly wakeup and saw today visits counts for my somireddy.wordpress.com. Felt very very happy you know why….today visits count is 216(One more new mile stone for my blog.) offcourse this is very low count but this more me. i think i am doing wrong here…every day i am checking how much count. i think should start thinking in different way like i need to think on improving the blog rather than checking visit count frequently. Once i started concentrating on topics to be added and quality of the blog, definitely visit count will be increased. Visters count is by product of the contents of the site. As Srikrishna said rightly said, you do what ever you can, but result is by product of our efforts, no need to check the visits count every now and then. Reason why i am specifying this point is most of the people in the house we will check on the results and we will not focus on efforts. Hence there is a gap. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…too much boaring class. let me come back to topic….

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