January 16, 2014

I have been thinking to be master in RAC but somehow due to xyz reasons i have not done any thing. Just days passed as usually. Somehow recently i got mood to prepare once again the technical stuff. As a part of that i started exploring RAC. Today i started installing and came across 11g new feature SCAN. What ever i am getting related to SCAN LISTENER, i am going to add here. Please cross check all the commands what ever you are using, because this is kind of running notes for me.

1) this is usefull more when client adds/removes a node from cluster. Reason being END user no need to change the connection details. SCAN acts as a SPOC for client. internal configuration will be dealt by SCAN.

2) Current status of the SCAN Listener is

from Oracle DB environment, run

1) srvctl status scan.

$ srvctl status scan
SCAN VIP scan1 is enabled
SCAN VIP scan1 is not running
before this command i given “srvctl stop scan_listener” and “srvctl stop scan” hence the above status.


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