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New files in 11g .trm files.

September 25, 2013

New files in 11g .trm files.
I have observed .trm files a long with .trc files in the trace location. and i thought of doing exploring on this. Please find all details about this.


A new type of files with .trm extension are created in ADR_HOME/trace directory in Oracle 11g databases.

The following are some facts:

* From 11g onwards, all the trace files are found in ADR_HOME/trace directory.

* There is usually one “.trm” file for each “.trc” file.

* .trm, are called Trace Metadata files. The metadata in .trm files describe the trace records stored inside of .trc trace files.

* The Trace metadata allows tools, such as ADRCI, to post process the trace information.

* By deleting the .trm file, you make the .trc file unusable for post processing from ADR using ADRCI tool.


all trace files will be created at ADR_HOME/trace


event = “10468 trace name context forever, level 4” in pfile

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