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How To Create An OCM Response File.

June 24, 2013

During patching, Opatch tool may ask for an OCM (Oracle configuration manager) response file.

OCM can collect the configuration of your servers and send it to Oracle support.  Oracle support staff will use it when you open a service request. With OCM, you’ll get better and faster response from Oracle support. You can also view your configuration on metalink. Oracle can suggest you updates or patches according to your configuration. You can even use OCM in disconnected systems (where there is no internet connection).

Although it is useful, using OCM is not mandatory. You can still get support from Oracle without OCM. However, during patching, opatch utility may ask for an OCM response file.

How to create an OCM response file?

Opatch utility ships with a script file named “emocmrsp” which is used for creating a response file. “emocmrsp” script will ask your metalink account information and your internet connection information and store it in a response file named “ocm.rsp”.

“emocmrsp” script is found  under “$ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/ocm/bin/” directory. Simply execute this script (as root or oracle user) and enter the required information when prompted.

$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/ocm/bin/

$ ./emocmrsp
 OCM Installation Response Generator - Production
 Copyright (c) 2005, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates.  All rights reserved.
 Provide your email address to be informed of security issues, install and
initiate Oracle Configuration Manager. Easier for you if you use your My
Oracle Support Email address/User Name.
Email address/User Name: somireddy.tetali@test.com(Which we use to connect to metalink)
I entered my email address and then requests for password. simply enter…
Provide your My Oracle Support password to receive security updates via your My Oracle Support account.

Password (optional):
My database is not connected to Internet, so OCM could not make a connection to Oracle. I entered “NONE” when prompted for support hub.
Unable to establish connection to Oracle Configuration Manager server.

Hostname (https://ccr.oracle.com) is unknown.
Unable to establish a network connection to Oracle. Specify the URL for an
Oracle Support Hub in this format:
If you do not wish to configure OCM through an Oracle Support Hub, enter NONE
Oracle Support Hub URL: NONE
I don’t have a proxy server so I entered “NONE” when prompted for proxy server.
Unable to establish a network connection to Oracle. If your systems require a

proxy server for outbound Internet connections, enter the proxy server details
in this format:
If you want to remain uninformed of critical security issues in your
configuration, enter NONE
Proxy specification: NONE
The OCM configuration response file (ocm.rsp) was successfully created.
Oracle created the response file in the directory I executed the “emocmrsp” script. This file stores the information I entered. Although it is in binary format it contains some plain text.
$file ocm.rsp
This is a binary file.
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