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How to handle unsolicited commercial communication.

June 14, 2013

This is article is exclusively for India.


Sometimes  we may be busy or driving, during that if you receive a marketing call, really it irritates us a lot. Some times you may be in roaming and you may be expecting some important call, but all of sudden you may receive a marketing call, then not only you will be disturbed but also you will be paying 1 rupee for every one minute. I am also not exception to this kind of situation.  Nowadays i have been receiving such call at least once  in a day and thought of doing some study on “how to avoid”.

In India, we have TRAI which handles communication related issues. I feel, It works more efficiently and consumer oriented authority. It allways safeguards customers. TRAI has given some guidelines how to make marketing calls,


they given complete details on “How to handle unsolicited commercial communication.”.  Please review below url to get complete details.



i know you might very very busy with your schedule Hence i made little summary here with.

1) to stop all commercial calls just SMS below to 1909.

“START 0”       0–> ZERO.

2)  To make complaint on unsolicited commercial communication. Just SEND SMS to 1909.

“the unsolicited commercial communication, XXXXXXXXXX, dd/mm/yy”

here XXXXXXXXXX is the telephone number from where you received the call.

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